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"Since 1970"

Asparagus Racemosus
Botanical Name Asparagus Racemosus
Family Name Liliaceae
Common Name Asparagus, Wild Asparagus, Asparagus Root, Satavari
Part Used Tuberous Roots
Product offered Dried Roots

Properties and Uses: Shatavari roots are bitter ,sweet,emollient, chilling, nervine, tonic, constipating, ophthalmic, anodyne, aphrodisiac. They are useful in nervous disorders, dyspepsia, tumours, scalding of pee, neck infections, tuberculosis, coughing breathing disease and common debility. Roots are applied on the outside to cure rigidity in the joint pains. The roots are relaxing tonic that functions mainly on the blood circulation, intestinal and respiratory system.

The Science of ShatavariRecent research supports the traditional classification of Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus) as a Rasayana, a dietary supplement or practice promoting mental and physical health, as well as providing a stronger immune system. Shatavari has the general ability to promote normal physical functions and counteract the adverse effects of stress. In eight different stress tests, Shatavari produced significant anti-stress and immuno-stimulant effects.1 Studies have also shown that possesses liver-supporting activity.Dosha Guide

In Ayurveda there are seven basic body system constitutions as a result of the predominance of one or more dynamic impacts or Doshas. The Doshas, Vata, Pitta and Kapha, impact physical, psychological and religious health. Everyone is regarded to be a unique mixture of these three body system impacts. Your natural Doshic state of balance is called Prakruti. In traditional use, Shatavari's chilling qualities control trouble in Vata and Pitta body system constitutions. A research released in Journal of Post Grand Med, by Reg .N N. et. al 1993, the natural herb has been regarded to activate macrophages and hence, fighting Yeast. Macrophages are resistance tissues that terminate harmful organisms such as cancer cells.

Shatavari is organic coolant medication and it does not contain any element that creates you dependent! Actually, regular getting shatavari can create your extra more powerful and can also create you overall healthy .

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